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How does the mass of the car affect the speed and force of the car? Middle School students discover the relevance for math to race car driving

You Make A Difference

In challenging economic times, money is tight for many businesses and organizations, making it difficult to give back to the community. With the Alliance for Education, however, you can give something back that you can't put a price on – your time, expertise and skills.

The Alliance for Education forges partnerships between Inland Empire businesses and educators to provide students with school and work-based learning opportunities with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Businesses are asked to contribute their leaders' time and expertise to the Alliance for Education – and at a level at which they are comfortable.

Whether you want to speak in a classroom and share your STEM work experience, be a mentor or provide internships – you can help build the educated and skilled workforce of tomorrow's San Bernardino County. To learn how you can partner with Alliance for Education, click on the "Path for Success" below and see how our current businesses, labor and community partners are giving back to San Bernardino County students.