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Calculate it! Student use their math skills to calculate Force versus Height at the Auto Club Speedway Math & Science Day.

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Crown Toyota of Ontario plans to "Crown" two schools as winners in classroom contest

Mobile Learning Center Docent Video from The Wyland Foundation on Vimeo.

Helping You and Your Students

In fall 2011, 20 local teachers received an Exploring Aquatic Ecosystems water curriculum kit as a gift made possible by John Elway's Crown Toyota of Ontario. Classes who received the curriculum are participating in a contest to win one of two visits from the The Mobile Learning Center (MLC) in spring, 2012.

MLC is a 1,000 square foot exhibit on wheels that travels directly to schools and includes science exhibits, computer models, and actual running rivers and rain. Crown Toyota will generously award visits to the two winning schools by the Wyland Clean Water MLC on Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11, 2012.

Get Started!

For a detailed overview of the water curriculum kit, please click here or visit the Wyland Foundation's website.