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It’s not your parent’s vocational education!

How It Inspires Our Kids

Career Technical Education in California is high-tech, high-skill focused education combining academic concepts with read world application.

At Chino Hills High School, the Health Science Academy (HSA), established in 2007 is a great example of how Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) combine with traditional academic studies and emerging STEM courses to build a successful pathway where students have real-world experiences hear from experts in health sciences and participate in hands-on education from Chemistry and English to their medical courses.

Students at Chino Hills High School 's HSA participate in internships at sites including Pomona Valley Medical Center, Chino Valley Medical Center, Smith College, and the University of La Verne.

Students also participate in community service projects including the Relay for Life, supporting cancer research Disability Dance and the Autism Walk. Upon graduation, students are accepted into technical programs through university programs with many electing to pursue health care as a career. According to Sean Delgado, Assistant Principal at Chino Hills High School, students enjoy being part of the Health Science Academy because "it's like being in a family that supports you through your high school experience."

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