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Trash to Fighting Fires: ABLE Day at Yucaipa High School Applies Mathematics to Today's Careers

DSC 0019

Raise your hand if you love Algebra: Caltrans Construction Lead Jerry De Santos teaches Yucaipa High School students how studying volume and dimensional analysis can help them achieve great careers.

How it Inspires Our Kids

The Alliance for Education, through its ABLE program, brought four distinguished speakers to Yucaipa High School to teach students how mathematics applies to their future careers. The half day event filled with interactive presentations allowed students to learn about and be inspired by:

  •  "Fighting Fires With Algebra" by Firefighter Tom Rubio
  •  "Hold Me Back: Volume and Dimensional Analysis" by Caltrans Construction Lead Jerry De Santos
  •  "Who Wants to Be a Trash Man: Graphing" by Compliance Auditor David Fisher
  •  "Surveyor Math: Pythagorean Theorem" by Surveyor Duane Friel

"Real world application of Algebra is not something our students are not regularly exposed to. ABLE Day gave our students an understanding of how mathematics can help you achieve a successful, high-paying — and fun! — career." Yucaipa Assistant Principal Christina Pierce

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