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How does the mass of the car affect the speed and force of the car? Middle School students discover the relevance for math to race car driving

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Fresh Water Live: A distance Learning Adventure Fresh Water Lesson Plans K - 12th

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NICERC: National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center Provides Professional Development programs for K-12 teachers. K - 12th

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Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Resource Highlights Updates with the latest and most popular CCSS implementation resources, full of helpful information for educators at any level of implementation. K - 12th

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PBL Webinar Resources
Interested in finding more PBL resources, this site will help! K - 12th

Preparing Students for the Global Economy
Cal Poly Pomona facilitates training for middle school, high school, and community college teachers in eight different engineering and technology subjects. 7th - Career

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Professional Development Directory
The most complete interactive directory of K-12PD products and services. K - 12th

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Early Engagement - Student Driven - Club Space We engage at-risk middle school students in a peer-to-peer learning environment where they lead fun activities on the topics of career, college, and life skills. 7th - 12th

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Providing "Real World" context for a child's academic studies Career Girls is an organization dedicated to providing yourng girls of all income levels and ethnic backgrounds with the academic tools and support they need to achieve their professional aspirations. 7th - 12th

Engineering is Elementary: Engineering & Technology Lessons for Children!  The Engineering is Elementary (EiE) project fosters engineering and technological literacy among children through hands-on storybook challenges. 5th – 12th

STEM Education – It’s Elementary U.S. News & World Report outlines the importance of STEM K-12 education. Pre-K – 2nd

Discovery Education  Discovery Education supports teachers in accelerating student achievement, bringing the world of Discovering into classrooms to ignite students’ natural curiosity. Pre-K – 12th

Science Channel  Discover television programs that teach about science, technology, space, prehistory, and animals Pre-K - 12th

How Stuff Works  From steam technology to the Spanish Inquisition – learn how just about anything and everything works. Pre-K - 12th

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PBS TeacherLine Flexible, online professional development for PreK-12 educators Pre-K - 12th

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PBS Learning Media  Access a variety of resource that help you teach STEM in your classroom. Pre-K - 12th

Building Speed  Learn about the science behind making winning stock cars.

5th - 8th

Life After Middle School Help your students make the connection between their day-to-day classroom routine and the development of their future by discovering the relevance of STEM all  4th - 8th 

The National Academy of Engineering: EngineerGirl!  Learn about how women can make significant contributions to the engineering field. 4th - 12th

Engineer Your Life: A Guide to Engineering for High School Girls A guide to engineering for high school girls. 9th - 12th