About Us


What is the Alliance for Education?

The Alliance for Education is San Bernardino County's premier partnership between business and education communities, fostering relevant, high-quality educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. The Alliance is focused on supporting strategic work in three areas: education, family involvement and economic and workforce development. From preschool through college and career, Alliance partners make an equal investment and commitment to achieve the goal of producing an educated and qualified workforce, vibrant economy and healthy communities in San Bernardino County.

Who is the Alliance for Education?

The Alliance for Education is comprised of partners from:

  • Business
  • Labor
  • Government
  • County Agencies
  • Education, including preschool through post-secondary educational organizations and their employees
  • Students and their families
  • Community Members
  • Community and faith-based organizations

A small but dedicated administrative staff manages the Alliance for Education programs, grants and services as part of the Educational Support Services Division at the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office. These education professionals work with all of the partners to achieve our common goals for San Bernardino County.

Why was the Alliance for Education created?

A combination of poor test scores, high drop-out rates and a shortage of educated and qualified workers led the County Superintendent of Schools, local educators, government, business, labor, community and faith-based organizations and concerned community members to create the Alliance for Education in 2002. This Alliance aims to engage students in relevant educational experiences, invest in family literacy and family involvement through parent education programs and to achieve an educated and qualified workforce for San Bernardino County.

An urgent, full-force effort among all Alliance for Education partners must continue to be strengthened and sustained to foster student engagement, family involvement and sustained economic and workforce development to achieve a vibrant economy and healthy communities across San Bernardino County.

Who benefits from the Alliance for Education?

Benefit to students:

Students from preschool through college and career benefit from the Alliance for Education partnerships and services. San Bernardino County students who are actively engaged in relevant learning combining academic and career technical preparation show improvements in testing, attendance and grades in school, and have better employment opportunities than counterparts who do not participate in similar programs.

To date, more than 30 San Bernardino County elementary, middle and high schools have participated in AE sponsored programs and services. The goal for students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career pathway programs is to prepare them for college and a competitive high-skill career. Local businesses are ready to hire well-educated and qualified San Bernardino County graduates in STEM careers. Working together, we can create our own local success stories, improve our economy and empower our communities in a positive direction.

Benefit to local businesses:

Despite the state of the economy and record high rates of employment, STEM related careers continue to be in-demand among San Bernardino County business and labor organizations. These employers are ready and willing to hire local employees that are well-educated and qualified in a variety of areas, including STEM careers in healthcare, transportation and logistics, aviation and advanced manufacturing. To prepare students for these in-demand careers, schools participating in STEM programs engage students in rigorous academics combined with work-based "real world" learning. STEM students are also provided access to related activities and events generating a higher level of awareness and interest in STEM education and future careers.

The Alliance for Education's Partnership Connection allows businesses and educators to connect and establish partnerships that provide school and work-based learning opportunities including classroom presentations, field trips, mentoring, job-shadowing, industry related projects, and internships or work experience.

Businesses are asked to contribute their leaders' time and expertise as Alliance partners – and at a level to which they're comfortable. Examples of business partnerships include participating in advisory committees, developing and delivering classroom presentations, providing workplace tours or internships for students or coaching a robotics team. In a time where the extra money and resources run tight, it's a fantastic way to give and grow our future workforce.

In 2011, the Alliance for Education refined the Workforce Access Matrix as an easy way for businesses to identify recent graduates who are qualified, and students to identify schools that offer specific training they're looking for in STEM fields within San Bernardino County. The search engine is located on the Alliance for Education's website and is customizable.

Benefit to educators:

The Alliance for Education is a resource for educators from pre-K through high school providing professional development, activities and programs that support relevant, high-quality educational experiences for students both in and out of school. Most resources and opportunities are provided free or at low cost to busy educators and financially challenged schools at a time when educational quality and change are critically important to ensure future outcomes of success for both students and their schools.

Benefit to the community at-large:

In San Bernardino County, it is necessary for students' academic and career success to be strongly reinforced and supported by the community at-large. As part of its new Vision 2020, the County of San Bernardino has named the Alliance for Education as a key program helping improve the local workforce and drive the economic vitality of the County. Alliance partners contribute in a wide variety of ways including community and faith-based organizations supporting parent education and family literacy programs; business partners providing work-based learning opportunities for students; and labor organizations providing the Apprenticeship Forum each year to educate students and the community about educational opportunities and careers in the trades. These are just a few examples of how the Alliance provides support and assistance with education, family involvement and economic and workforce development. We are always looking for enthusiastic partners to join our collective efforts to bring economic vitality to San Bernardino County.

Proof Positive: Good things are happening in San Bernardino County!

Overall, San Bernardino County students are showing marked improvements in math and science in standardized tests. In 2011, geometry students showed the highest level of growth ever, gaining 5 percent in proficiency rates. At the elementary level, second- and fourth-graders gained 4 percent in proficiencies

In 2011, students in fifth, eighth and 10th grades continued to show marked improvement, gaining a combined 4 percent proficiency. There also was 3 percent growth in the secondary courses of earth science, biology, chemistry and physics across end-of-course tests because of multidisciplinary learning technics like bringing careers to the classroom.

How is the Alliance for Education funded?

The Alliance is funded through the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office. In addition to SBCSS funding, grants and corporate donations are provided by organizations and businesses that support Alliance programs. These include the San Manual Band of Mission Indians, The James Irvine Foundation, The Gas Company, The Lewis Group of Companies, and Schools First Federal Credit Union.