News Release - OMSD Promise Scholars Program


The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics recognizes the Ontario-Montclair Promise Scholars Program as one of two Bright Spots in San Bernardino County

Every child deserves an education that opens opportunities. That is why in honor of the celebration of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics' 25th anniversary, the Initiative is recognizing Bright Spots in Hispanic Education from across the country. The Ontario-Montclair Promise Scholars Program is one of two Bright Spots in San Bernardino County. The Ontario-Montclair Promise Scholars Program is dedicated to helping all children achieve their college and career dreams. Believing education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty while improving the local workforce and economy, leaders from local government, schools, higher education, and the Inland Empire United Way developed Promise Scholars in 2011.

Promise Scholars seeks to strengthen the community and bring individuals out of poverty by increasing completion of high school and enrollment in college or post-secondary career technical training programs. It is doing this by creating a universal "college-going culture" in school, in home, and in the community which includes information, activities, and services through volunteers to help first-generation students and their families plan for and access college. Over 7,600 students and 1,200 parents were served last year through Promise Scholars with a focus on removing the specific barriers to higher education experienced by first generation students and their families.

Founded in 2011, the Ontario-Montclair Schools Foundation is the non-profit convening partner of the Promise Scholars Initiative which when fully at scale will serve all the students of the Ontario-Montclair School District and three high schools: Chaffey, Montclair, and Ontario in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District (CJUHSD). Nine out of ten students in the community are Hispanic. With 23,000 students, the Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD) is a K-8 district with 32 schools serving the cities of Ontario and Montclair and approximately 9,000 students attend the three high schools in the community.

The Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics seeks to leverage these Bright Spots to encourage collaboration between stakeholders focused on similar issues in sharing data-driven approaches, promising practices, and effective partnerships, ultimately resulting in increased support for the educational attainment of the Hispanic and larger community, from cradle-to-career.

As a Bright Spot, the Promise Scholars Program is part of a national online catalog that includes over 230 programs that invest in key education priorities for Hispanics.

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