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Looking at the evidence. High School students learn how to apply their trigonometry and calculus skills to solve crime scenes.

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Make a new buddy, be a role model for high literacy and achievement

Dr. Gary Thomas, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, and his staff are sincere and passionate about their commitment to involve parents, community members, along with business and civic leaders in efforts to address the achievement gaps and needs for a better prepared & educated work force.

There are a number of approaches and practices in place to address and/or minimize certain barriers via classroom contacts, but one element clearly stands out. Children will often respond to and bond with people outside their daily structure—when a significant role model or important person shares a message, they will often relate to and adopt that as important. Role models encourage a child's curiosity and allow them to think about what can become a reality for them in the future and inquire of these role models: "How did you become a doctor, police chief or businessman? Did you have to read and study?, etc."

Currently in its 9th year, the Reading Buddies Volunteer Program, is implemented to foster a relevant relationship between the role model and the student to encourage the importance of attaining high literacy and academic achievement. The program affords the role model an opportunity to stress that reading and learning is important now and that if they can read now, they will be successful and can master anything in the future.

Make It Happen

If you are interested in joining the Reading Buddies Volunteer Program, contact us here and we'll get you started. Just a few hours of your time can inspire students for years to come.

Crown Toyota of Ontario plans to "Crown" two schools as winners in classroom contest

Mobile Learning Center Docent Video from The Wyland Foundation on Vimeo.

Helping You and Your Students – In fall 2011, 20 local teachers received an Exploring Aquatic Ecosystems water curriculum kit as a gift made possible by John Elway's Crown Toyota of Ontario. Classes who received the curriculum are participating in a contest to win one of two visits from the The Mobile Learning Center (MLC) in spring, 2012.

MLC is a 1,000 square foot exhibit on wheels that travels directly to schools and includes science exhibits, computer models, and actual running rivers and rain. Crown Toyota will generously award visits to the two winning schools by the Wyland Clean Water MLC on Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11, 2012.

Make it Happen – For a detailed overview of the water curriculum kit, please click on or visit the Wyland Foundation's website at --- select "Education" --- select "Clean Water Challenge" --- select "Program Components."

Start your engines! Middle school students use their math skills to calculate force versus height at the Auto Club Speedway Mathematics and Science Day

How it Inspires Our Kids

More than 500 middle school students from eight San Bernardino County school districts were inspired to put their mathematics and science skills to use at the second Mathematics & Science Day at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana March 25, 2011.

The all day student event included math and science labs on speed, acceleration, mass, force, and friction. Students had an opportunity to hear and learn from:

  • Dave Rogers, crew chief of the No. 18 M&M's Sprint Cup Toyota Camry at Joe Gibbs Racing for driver Kyle Busch
  • Rutledge Wood, SPEEDTV personality and co-host of "Top Gear" on the History Channel
  • Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson and other cartoon characters.

Students also watched the movie "NASCAR: The IMAX Experience" to learn more about the history and science of NASCAR racing. The event was led by the Auto Club Speedway, the Alliance for Education and the Science, Environmental Education and Service Learning Programs.

Make it Happen –

We would love to get your students involved in the Mathematics and Science Day, and the many other STEM related events led by the Alliance for Education. Contact us here and we will work to inspire your students through hands-on learning opportunities!

Supporting Resources:

Auto Club Speedway

The Alliance for Education – Calendar of Events

Trash to Fighting Fires: ABLE Day at Yucaipa High School Applies Mathematics to Today's Careers

How You Inspire Our Kids

The Alliance for Education, through its ABLE program, brought four distinguished speakers to Yucaipa High School to teach students how mathematics applies to their future careers. The half day event filled with interactive presentations allowed students to learn about and be inspired by:

  •  "Fighting Fires With Algebra" by Firefighter Tom Rubio
  •  "Hold Me Back: Volume and Dimensional Analysis" by Caltrans Construction Lead Jerry De Santos
  •  "Who Wants to Be a Trash Man: Graphing" by Compliance Auditor David Fisher
  •  "Surveyor Math: Pythagorean Theorem" by Surveyor Duane Friel

"Real world application of Algebra is not something our students are not regularly exposed to. ABLE Day gave our students an understanding of how mathematics can help you achieve a successful, high-paying — and fun! — career." Yucaipa Assistant Principal Christina Pierce

Sign Up Now

If you would like to speak and show how mathematics and science drive your career, we would love to have you participate in ABLE Day! Contact us here and we'll get you started. Just a few hours of your time can inspire students for years to come.

How can businesses actively engage in shaping the future workforce?


How You Inspire Our Kids

Technical Employment Training Inc. (TET), is a model for what can occur when business, education, and workforce development work together surrounding a common cause. The manufacturing industry sector can be a significant economic engine for the Inland Empire, yet the industry is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers.

In addressing the labor market needs, the CEO of Kelly Space and Technology Inc., and the San Bernardino County Regional Occupational Program joined forces with the County's Workforce Development department and began working together to develop a solution. The result was the creation of the Technical Employment Training Inc., a non-profit 501 (C) 3. TET Inc, was established utilizing existing resources and leveraging new resources through its foundation structure.


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If you would like to join the Alliance for Education and help prepare students for tomorrow's careers, contact us here and we'll get you started. Just a few hours of your time can inspire students for years to come.