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The Dr. Herbert R. Fischer Scholarship was established in 2008 to support high school graduates who have been enrolled in Science, Technology, Eningeering, and Mathematichs (STEM) Pathways and have demonstrated a commitment to advance their education in STEM related fields. The $1,000 scholarship is intended to support students to reach their educational goals.The scholarship may be used toward any educaiton-related expenses, including, tuition, textbooks, lab fees, uniforms.



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      Fauna Fabia, Chino Valley Unified School District
Don Antonio Lugo High School

Fauna’s dream is to become a forensic investigator. She has always made astute observations and challenged herself to excel. In addition to her academic talents, Fauna is actively involved in Don Lugo's Leadership program where she volunteers hundreds of hours each year to improve opportunities for students and the community. Fauna has also been a leader in the school’s Robotics Club and helped the club obtain a $5000 NASA grant which allowed the school to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Outside of school, Fauna helps raise her two little brothers while her parents are at work and frequently involves herself with community events through her church.

Fauna will attend University of California, Davis and major in Applied Chemistry with an emphasis in Forensics.


Vanessa Villa
      Vanessa Villa, Chino Valley Unified School District
Don Antonio Lugo High School

Vanessa was an elementary school tutor, member of the French Club and was on the basketball team. Vanessa shared that school has given her a new perspective on the great opportunities available in the world of education. Teachers have supported her in pursuing her engineering goals. High school helped her strive for bigger and better dreams, along with obstacles and consequences. Vanessa credits her teacher, Mr. Engstrom, who taught her to overcome an obstacle and think like a real engineer, applying every problem into a real life situation.

Vanessa  attended San Jose State University majoring in Aerospace Engineering.


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Kaitlyn Bell

Post-Secondary Institution: San Jose State University

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Charlie Chavez

Post-Secondary Institution: Victor Valley Community College

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Steven Reinhart

Post-Secondary Institution: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


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      Clark Anderson, Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District
Yucaipa High School

Clark completed an internship with Sorenson Engineering in Yucaipa during the summer of 2011. Clark is interested in aeronautical and astronautically engineering and has dreams of designing airplanes or spacecraft.

Clark attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a major in Aerospace Engineering.

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      Pamela Diala, Upland Unified School District
Upland High School

Pamela participated in the school science fair and won district level awards with a project on “DNA repair in RAD3 homozygote and RAD3 heterozygote mutant." She aspires to be a medical researcher or doctor specializing in cancer cells.

Pamela attended Pomona College and majored in the medical field.

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      Tara Michelle Tominga, Hesperia Unified School District
Sultana High School

Tara was involved in a number of community service clubs, including the Key Club, California Scholarship Federation and the National Honors Society.

Tara attended University of California, Irvine with a major in Aerospace Engineering.


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      Dylan Betts,

Post-Secondary Institution: Victor Valley Community College
Major: Aerospace Engineering

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      Pierre Krit Bunyapanasarn

Post-Secondary Institution: University of California, Riverside


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      Jorge Zavala, Barstow Unified School District
Barstow High School

Jorge Zavala is currently enrolled in the Civil Engineering program at Fresno State University. He is pleased to be a part of the engineering program and is involved in the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) club where students compete in intercollegiate engineering competitions with other top universities/colleges. As Jorge reflects on his high school experiences, he feels he had a competitive edge when he began his college coursework due to his involvement in the Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering courses at Barstow High School. The background knowledge gained specifically in computer applications and mathematics proved to be a valuable contribution to his college success.

Information prior to 2010 not available.