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How does the mass of the car affect the speed and force of the car? Middle School students discover the relevance for math to race car driving

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Logo CloudDL Icon Framework for Family Engagement (2014)
       A Tool for California School Districts

icon Cradle to Career (Adopted 10/2013 V3) (595.62 kB)
     The Cradle to Career Roadmap

icon Cradle to Career - Spanish - (Adopted 10/2013 V3) (611.18 kB) (2014)
     The Cradle to Career Roadmap - Spanish version.

icon CSLNet Strategy Roadmap (633.77 kB) (2013)
     From Grassroots to Treetops: Transforming STEM Education in California
     A Strategy Roadmap for the California STEM Learning Network

icon Union Apprenticeship Resource Guide (895.67 kB) (2013)

icon Work-Based Learning Guide (160.16 kB) 

icon Logic Model Development Guide (289.03 kB)
    (W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 2004)
     Using Logic Models to Bring Together Planning, Evaluation, and Action

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icon The SciGirls Seven (256.56 kB)
     Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM

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icon Linked Learning Infographic (2.07 MB)

     (, 2013)

icon Building a Linked Learning Pathway (888.39 kB)
     (ConnectEd, 2013)
     A Guide for Transforming High Schools for College and Career Success

icon Leading High School Transformation for College and Career Success (3.64 MB)
     (ConnectEd, 2012)
     A Guide for Developing a System of Linked Learning Pathways

icon Framework for Developing a System of Linked Learning Pathways (District) (1.04 MB)
     (ConnectEd, 2014)

icon Guide to Building A Broad-Based Coalition (143.84 kB)
     (ConnectEd, 2013)
     Supporting the Development and Sustainability of a System of Pathways

icon Linked Learning Evidence (231.72 kB)
    (ConnectEd, 2008)
     Evidence from California Patnership Academies: One Model of Linked Learning Pathways

icon Linked Learning: A Guide to Making High Schoool Work (6.19 MB)
     (University of California, Los Angeles, 2013)
     By: Marisa Saunders

icon SCOPE Knowledge Brief: The Linked Learning Advantage (307.66 kB)
     (Stanford Center for Opporunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), August 2013)
     The Linked Learning Advantage: Using Linked Learning to Implement the Common Core
     State Standards

icon SCOPE Knowledge Brief: Preparing 21st Century Citizens (254 kB)
     (Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), August 2013)
     Preparing 21st Century Citizens: The Role of Work-Based Learning in Linked Learning

icon Career Technical Education (4.76 MB)
     (California Department of Education, 2007)
     Career Technical Education Framework for California Public Schools: Grades Seven
     Through Twelve